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Olli September 2nd 04 10:48 AM

Prijon Combi 359 or Yokon Expedition
Does anyone have any experience with those two kayak models in
whitewater conditions (Mostly kayaking small creeks and moderate
rapids with small lakes along the route)? I've been struggling to
decide which one should I select to be able to enjoy whitewater
kayaking but also moving from one rapids to another along small lakes
and rivers located between rapids.

Combi 359 feels very good when it comes to maneuvrability and balance,
but as you can imagine, vessel like that is not very good at tracking
=) I guess the Yokon Expedition is a bit better when it comes to
tracking (with rudder), but I've also heard that in whitewater it's
not as fun and agile as Combi...

So what's your opinion? Is it really worth sacrificing some
maneuvrability in rapids to gain better tracking in still water, or do
you think that also Combi can do well enough on lakes an still water
rivers? And which one would you buy?

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