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TinyTim June 28th 09 04:30 PM

So Sad:Mercury Marine joins industries Dirty Dozen
..... the high incidence of new model Mercruiser starters early
failure is endemic to the pervasive decline in business management
ethics and general skill. If these folks do not get on board with
Edwards Deming precepts...every body .....customers
and labor.

My son in law had to remove his motor starter after 150 hours of
little use. I saw it. I could not believe the inferior construction
of the brush holders. Tin parts installed in a tin can design. I
heard rumors Mallory is running full tilt as people wise up to
Mercury's inferior OEM network and then switch to Mallory. I hope
that is fact. But the cost of labor to remove and replace an I/O
starter is huge as many of you know. .

Mercruiser has become elligible for inclusion in the most
destructively managed U.S. corporations... the dirty dozen. I wonder
if Bombardier will fix OMC and then try to straighten out Mercury
Marine? If only Kiekhaefer could rise from the grave.

Unbridled greed and no respect for their customers, dominates too
many American businesses and institutions. Mercury Marine has joined
that nefarious club.... and boaters have to suffer accordingly.

FefsTweme May 4th 11 02:32 AM

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