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Dave Allured March 17th 07 06:51 PM

Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp
Hello paddlers.

I was recently asked whether a Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp is needed
to paddle through state wildlife lands, such as the Brower and
Mitani-Tokuyasu wildlife areas on tomorrow's South Platte trip.

Here is the official policy from the website of the Colorado Division of

"Am I required to have a habitat stamp if I am rafting
through a SWA/STL?

"Generally, if you are simply rafting down the river
and do not touch the ground (under the water or the
sides) you do not need a habitat stamp. If you enter/
exit the water or use any SWA/STL facilities, you will
need to have a habitat stamp."

This is taken from page 3 of "Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)" (version
March 7, 2007) on this DOW web page:

The Evans to Kersey/Kuner trip will not be launching or taking out on
any state wildlife lands. Therefore, habitat stamps are not required.

SYOTR! :-)


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