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fijetj86 June 28th 11 03:39 AM

the standards body is developing
However, the standard use of lighting performance, establish performance criteria for solid-state lighting:Lamp efficacy = lamp light output (including the lamp efficiency and thermal effects) / input efficiency lampsThe Energy Star products in solid-state lighting program is required for performance under the lamp, rather than system performance reasons,banners signs, including LED lighting in general are integrated, and accurate measurements from the lamp LED light source is often not possible, it can not be easily removed without changing the light source performance. Light-emitting diode performance was affected by temperature rise,for sale signs, the heat is usually generated by an external heat sink (Heat Sink) removed, and this device can be designed in the light, the light source separate from the heat sink significantly affect the measurement results may be ,lighted sign, and no standards or test procedures to measure system performance LEDs.However,advertising signs, the standards body is developing

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