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Andy Champ[_2_] June 12th 09 08:35 PM

Boat speed calculator update

Thanks for all the feedback on the last version. Let me know if you
have any comments, questions etc.

One piece of feedback.

This newsgroup almost entirely deals with sailing boats. You tell me
how fast my planing hull can go with a given SHP. I don't have any such
measurement, nor do most people here.

I've cross-posted this (and set follow ups to)
where there might be more interest.


ryanonthebeach[_2_] July 29th 09 07:09 PM

Boat speed calculator update
Hi Andy

The calculator takes care of sailboats and different types of power
boats, namely planing and semi-displacement.
So yes you can work out speed with a given HP, just select planing
hull type and follow the steps.

Here's the a href="
BoatSpeedCalculator.aspx"boat speed/a calculator link

ryanonthebeach[_2_] July 29th 09 07:33 PM

Boat speed calculator update
Sorry the link broke, here it is:

I'll be updating the calculator in a month or so with two additional
sections, engine selection, and propeller sizing.
Calculating the correct propeller isn't quite as easy as it sounds,
but the first step is to work out your boat speed (or resistance) and
the power required for a desired speed of your particular hull type.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions comments.

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