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marika June 6th 09 03:00 PM

never where roll angel
June 3, 2009
Elizabeth Edwards chooses furniture over politics
@ 2:16 pm by Aaron Blake
For anybody who actually thought Elizabeth Edwards might run for her
husband's former Senate seat, we can put an end to the speculation.

Washington Whispers reports that Edwards, who has terminal cancer, isn't
even thinking about such things and sounds just about done with politics.
And really, who can blame her?

"I was president of my junior class in high school. It was a pain in the
neck," Edwards says. "It should cure anyone of any desire to run for

So how will she occupy her time after she's done promoting her book? Well,
she's opening a furniture store.

Elizabeth Edwards to open NC furniture store
3 days ago

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) - Elizabeth Edwards is planning to open a furniture
store near her North Carolina home.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Wednesday that the wife of former
presidential candidate and senator John Edwards has leased space in downtown
Chapel Hill. The Edwards live outside the town.

Elizabeth Edwards was recently on a book tour for her memoir "Resilience,"
which tells of her battle with incurable breast cancer and her discovery
last year that her husband had been having an affair. She had talked during
the tour about buying furniture for the planned store.

Edwards plans to open the store in October. It will be called Red Window and
town officials said it would be similar to a charity store Edwards' mother
managed when she lived in Japan.

Information from: The News & Observer,

addiliEtege December 6th 11 02:30 AM

Ok, well, I cant see the pics because theyre tiny, and that is still not helpful. How about a place to buy that?

Bretanentrina December 8th 11 06:04 AM

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