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Rusty Burke October 29th 03 02:42 AM

Depthsounder and Transducer test equipment
I am currently selling two EDI depthsounder test instruments. One is a
depthsounder test set, model DSTS 3A. This is a full-function
depthsounder test set which will test for all parameters critical to
the performance of depthsounders of all types from simple flashers to
commercial sonar units.

The second is a transducer tester, model T3. This will connect to a
transducer and test for resonance, and failure modes of a transducer
element, and also speed and temp for multi-function transducers.

Both instruments can be viewed on eBay, at the following links:

Transducer tester: 630&rd=1

Depthsounder tester: 630&rd=1

I also have a range of left-over test equipment and parts left over
from a marine electronics business that I closed about 3 years ago.
Feel free to contact me if there's something you're looking for.

Rusty Burke

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