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Bob La Londe December 28th 03 05:41 PM

Jet or Jet Conversion ?
I recently picked up a Waco 2050-16
Yes I bought it with the options that upgrade to 50HP rating.

I have a 50HP Force that I bought for another project. Don't know if it is
any good. I bought it cheap and it has sat in my shop for almost a year
still in the crate.

Anyway, if the Force doesn't check out I was thinking of looking for a jet.
I see Mercury has a 40HP outboard jet.
That might be able to push it ok, but after I get the boat fully rigged I
would sure like to have a little extra margin. Also, since jets are less
efficient than prop drives I'm not sure I want to take that big of a
backward step.

Does anybody know of a current 50HP jet? How about a conversion for another
popular outboard. Better yet, if my Force checks out, how about a
conversion for it?

Bob La Londe
All about fishing in Yuma, Arizona
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