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Geoff Schultz February 14th 07 02:31 PM

Cruiser Web Site Development
This may be pushing the envelope of the charter of this news group, but if
there are any sailors out there who need a sailing web site developed, I
would like to suggest a friend of mine. She does nice work and it will
help them with their cruising kitty. Tami, who does the web site
development and her husband Thane are currently running a marina in the Rio
Dulce, Guatemala. We met them a year or two ago in Isla Mujares, Mexico.

She told me about her web site, and I was
really impressed when I looked at it. We talked about web site development
and I suggested that she create web sites for other cruisers. Well, now
she's doing it and I think that she's doing a great job. I would much
rather see money going to a fellow cruiser than some commercial place that
doesn't understand what the needs of a cruiser.

So I hope that I haven't crossed the line too severly. Note that I have no
financial interest in this. They're just friends of mine.

-- Geoff

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