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Richard Starkey April 14th 14 07:00 AM

VickieB threw her husband out!!!
Neal's dick has been broken a long time.

Have you and Lloyd ****ed each other yet?

Neal Warren is a scumbag, and anyone who takes anything he says seriously has probably had some brain trauma. Nellie is a ****ING PERVERT, LIAR, RACIST, and general ********.

Why don't you tell everyone how many providers have BOOTED your sorry little ass off for policy violations...

You ****ing cocksucking little squirt. Someone is going to pay you a visit. Heads up asshole.

Criminal, pedo, scumbag, usenet freak. ****s in his bunk.

Making sure everyone knows you have a little limp dick and a puke yellow boat that smells like ****, not to mention your lack of education.

Neal D. Warren/Wilbur Hubbard/Gregory Hall
PO Box 1015
Tavernier, FL 33070
305 304-7546

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