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hans lammers April 12th 08 06:48 PM

Antigua sailors - BEWARE the Casinos!

Anyone sailing into Antigua should be aware that some casinos there
operate a highly dubious game known as Rainbow Jackpot. At the Grand
Princess in Jolly Harbour the game is played using a set of numbered
ping pong balls in a machine resembling a lottery number generator.

Players are enticed by offering them a free turn to get them started.
The balls are blown around in a plastic bubble and the player gets to
pick one. The object of the game is to accumulate 100 points based on
the numbers shown on the selected balls. This will win you a cash

Expect to get at least 50 points on your free turn. You will have to
wager $10 for another turn to try to get the remaining points.
Successive wagers are doubled as you try to get to 100 points. The
cash prize is also raised on each turn in order to keep you

The person running the game maintains a steady patter to encourage you
to continue playing and may say or imply that you are bound to win

While your stake is doubling on each turn you ought to notice that the
numbers on the selected balls are getting smaller and smaller.
Amazingly, many players fail to catch on to this fact and realize that
they are being had.

When you run out of cash the game operator will gladly offer to take
your credit card. Once you reach 99 points the numbers on the balls
will turn into fractions - , , 1/8, and so on. Eventually your
credit card will max out and be declined and you are forced to give
up. You may have literally lost everything.

There are quite a number of reports on the net from persons who have
described their encounters. Just Google on "rainbow jackpot Antigua"
to get their details.

The government of Antigua has received many complaints from victims of
this fraud but refuses to take any meaningful action. Since they get a
significant percentage of all gambling proceeds they may not be
entirely objective in their response.

It is definitely a case of "buyer beware" at the casinos in Antigua.

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