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Tall ships documentary
On Wednesday, 27 December 2000 00:48:04 UTC, Sean G wrote:
I just finished reading a piece on's site about an around-the-
world documentary "Tall Ship Chronicles." Sounds very exciting, and it's
got me thinking that I'd like to see other documentaries about tall
ships. Any suggestions?


Tallship Chronicles - videos

This was a reality t.v. show from Canada about life on board the tallship Picton Castle during an 18 month long round-the-world voyage. It was made in the early 2000s.

Part 2 is about the voyage from Panama to the Galapagos - which I actually sailed a few years' ago on the HM Bark Endeavour!! Life on that was as tough as on the PC.

Someone has found a set of videos of the Tallship Chronicles show - and has given them to me. Unfortunately episodes 9 and 10 were missing.

The show was broadcast by the Canadian BC, and maybe on PBS or Discovery. And I know in Europe and South Africa it has been on the Travel Channel. And so someone in the world-wide tallship fraternity might just have a set.

Please could you ask around for me? Thank you. And if anyone can loan me these 'missing' episodes I would be very, very, grateful please.

Many thanks - Chris B.

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